Amy Manor’s discerning eye for the mercurial design world was cultivated by a strong background in the fashion and cosmetic industries, as well as business management. Prior to her entry into the interior design field, Amy worked directly under iconic fashion designer Georges Marciano—the co-founder of Guess. While there, she served as Regional Manager of Visual Merchandising for more than 500 stores.


  Through the planning of in-store shop concept spaces for the Guess brand, Amy soon discovered that she had an intrinsic ability for planning interiors. The art of balancing a space, selecting a color palette and creating a compelling mix of textures was certainly an innate talent. Constantly absorbed by all things design and color, Amy developed an instinct for forecasting trends.


  When first meeting clients, Amy often describes herself as a “blank canvas.” She has a skill for rendering a client’s personal narrative expressly through her approach to interior design. Prior to planning a space, she personally meets with clients to gain insight into their individual personalities and what truly inspires them, as well as how their spaces should function. As a result, each home’s design is as distinctive as the family who resides in it. In fact, Amy once planned a design scheme and color palette after drawing inspiration from a sweater hanging in the client’s closet.


  With a truly global perspective, Amy embraces craftsmanship and the artisan approach to design. She often travels to exotic destinations such as Turkey, Italy, and London to gain inspiration and exposure to handmade collections crafted by artists.


While abroad, Amy also uncovers new brands and fosters relationships with international craftsman and vendors. Upon returning home, she’s always eager to share that global perspective and design sensibility with her clients.