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During our most recent trip to High Point Market in October, Amy caught up with Aviva Stanoff, a critically-acclaimed textile designer with a reverence of nature, respect for Japanese tradition, and an affinity for urban life. They have always shared a strong bond, but this time their relationship blossomed into an engaging partnership. With the entire AMID team in love with Aviva’s pillow collection, Amy decided to feature the New York Times “Best Bet” in her Red Bank showroom.



Using her signature printing technique, Aviva Stanoff created a collection of artful, hand-made pillows with soul. She is best known for her combination of sophistication and subtlety. Each one-of-a-kind concept is hand-crafted with unwavering attention to design and detail as traditional embellishments meet cutting-edge textile treatments exclusive to her design studio. The deliberate luxury is seen all over in her unique made-to-order products.



In hour two of their second Market meeting, you would expect two successful entrepreneurs like Amy and Aviva to be bargaining over pricing or strategizing marketing tactics; but as it turns out, the two inspirational women had more than just pillow talk between them. Business was long done—Aviva makes such beautiful home accessories that Amy quickly decided to purchase the whole showroom—and the conversation had since turned to philosophy and life, from heritage and upbringings to passions and struggles.  They decided there and then to join forces and do some good. A fundraising trunk show is in the works for December and will be announced soon.  



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